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What we stand for

G25 is committed to pursue a just, democratic, peaceful, tolerant, harmonious, moderate and progressive multi-racial, multi cultural, multi religious Malaysia through Islamic principles of Wassatiyah (moderation) and Maqasid Syariah (well-being of the people) that affirms justice, compassion, mercy, equity.

Malaysia is to be led by rule of law, good governance, respect for human rights and upholding the institution of the country.

We aim to ensure, raise awareness, promote that Syariah laws and civil laws should work in harmony and that the Syariah laws are used within its legal jurisdiction and limits as provided for by the federal and state division of powers.

There should be rational dialogues to inform people on how Islam is used for public law and policy that effects the multi ethnic and multi religious Malaysia and within the confines of the Federal Constitution, the supreme law of the nation.

We work in a consultative committee of experts to advise the government and facilitate amendments to the state Syariah laws, to align to the Federal Constitution and the spirit of Rukun Negara.

It is imperative to achieve a politically stable, economically progressive Malaysia and to be able to enjoy the harmony, tolerance, understanding and cooperation in this multi diverse country.

Championing and Upholding the Constitution

DECEMBER 15 — We G25 are deeply touched by Aisyah Osman’s vigorous defence of freedom of speech, where she has stated that whether one is Islamist or secular, it is a fundamental right in a democracy that must be respected to the fullest extent by everyone. Bravo! She also represents, Young Professionals, a group founded by dissenting lawyers whose goals, according to their profile, appears to preserve, protect and defend the Federal Constitution.

We wish to ask Aisyah Osman to explain why Iksim lodged a police report against Professor Datuk Shad Saleem Faruqi over his article in the Star on the 23rd of November 2017 about religious radicalism on the rise. Why did Jawi instigate the arrest and detention of prominent Turkish academician and author Mustafa Akyol who came to Malaysia at the invitation of the Islamic Renaissance Front to participate in a forum and to deliver talks on his thoughts on Islam based on the book that he recently published?

G25 too does not believe in resorting to police reports to stop Jakim or Iksim from branding those who propound, that the character of the Federal Constitution makes this country a secular state, as enemies of Islam and disloyal citizens of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. These are serious allegations. Even in a vibrant democracy like the USA, it is seditious to accuse other citizens as traitors and enemies of the state and one can make a police complaint on the allegation.

On the flip side, the director of Iksim in giving a talk in Kedah on its DIAN initiative, called on the audience in the hall to lodge police reports all over the state, whenever anyone among the “liberals” describes Malaysia as a secular state. In fact, according to the Iksim officials’, being a liberal itself is a big threat to Islam and the country.

We G25 call upon the religious authorities not to harass and threaten those who have different opinions on matters relating to the administration of Islam and its place in the Federal Constitution. Such actions threaten our democracy, which has made our beloved country one of the most successful in the Muslim world.

Aisyah Osman should direct her lecture on freedom of speech and democracy to all the religious bodies and their ideological controllers because by their recent actions, both foreign and local scholars are becoming concerned, whether they still have the freedom to speak in open forums on religion and its role in making policies affecting our democratic rights.

It is the religious institutions and officials who have pushed their Islamist Agenda leading to laws that have trespassed into areas, which are under the purview of the Malay Rulers as clearly spelt out in the Federal Constitution. It is they who in their exuberance in pushing their Agenda are undermining democracy and the rights of citizens to practise their fundamental rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Aisyah Osman has conveniently ignored these acts by the religious authorities that time and again have shown their inclination towards extremism and intolerance. On the contrary, it is the G25 who is fully committed to moderation and tolerance, which are so crucial to maintaining peace and harmony among Muslims and non-Muslims in this country. It is the G25 who is consistently championing the upholding of the Federal Constitution and the rights of the Malay Rulers.

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