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What we stand for

G25 is committed to pursue a just, democratic, peaceful, tolerant, harmonious, moderate and progressive multi-racial, multi cultural, multi religious Malaysia through Islamic principles of Wassatiyah (moderation) and Maqasid Syariah (well-being of the people) that affirms justice, compassion, mercy, equity.

Malaysia is to be led by rule of law, good governance, respect for human rights and upholding the institution of the country.

We aim to ensure, raise awareness, promote that Syariah laws and civil laws should work in harmony and that the Syariah laws are used within its legal jurisdiction and limits as provided for by the federal and state division of powers.

There should be rational dialogues to inform people on how Islam is used for public law and policy that effects the multi ethnic and multi religious Malaysia and within the confines of the Federal Constitution, the supreme law of the nation.

We work in a consultative committee of experts to advise the government and facilitate amendments to the state Syariah laws, to align to the Federal Constitution and the spirit of Rukun Negara.

It is imperative to achieve a politically stable, economically progressive Malaysia and to be able to enjoy the harmony, tolerance, understanding and cooperation in this multi diverse country.

Hadi’s Bill will hurt economy, says ex-MOF secretary-general

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — Former Finance Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim urged the prime minister today to oppose a PAS Bill to enhance Shariah punishments, saying it would weaken the economy and the ringgit.

Mohd Sheriff said if Datuk Seri Najib Razak supported PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s Bill to amend the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355), investors would interpret it as a gambit to avoid fixing Malaysia’s economy.

“RUU355 will split society and create worries over the future of this multi-racial country.

“When the people are not confident in Malaysia’s future, our economy will lose its strength and the people will suffer just because our leadership likes to play political games with religion,” Mohd Sheriff said in a statement.

He pointed out that the weak ringgit has worsened inflation and increased the cost of living, noting that most of those who suffered as a result were Malays.

“With this, I, as former Finance Ministry secretary-general and Economic Planning Unit director-general, would like to advise YAB to forget about RUU355 because there are other more important issues for YAB to resolve,” said Mohd Sheriff.

Najib announced at the Umno general assembly last year that the government would take over Hadi’s Bill.

PAS is organising a rally in support of the Bill this Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, while a movement called BEBAS is holding a counter rally in Petaling Jaya.

Hadi’s Bill aims to raise the ceiling on Shariah punishments from three years’ imprisonment, six strokes of the cane and an RM5,000 fine to 30 years’ imprisonment, 100 strokes, and an RM100,000 fine.

The Malay Mail

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