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G25 is committed to pursue a just, democratic, peaceful, tolerant, harmonious, moderate and progressive multi-racial, multi cultural, multi religious Malaysia through Islamic principles of Wassatiyah (moderation) and Maqasid Syariah (well-being of the people) that affirms justice, compassion, mercy, equity.

Malaysia is to be led by rule of law, good governance, respect for human rights and upholding the institution of the country.

We aim to ensure, raise awareness, promote that Syariah laws and civil laws should work in harmony and that the Syariah laws are used within its legal jurisdiction and limits as provided for by the federal and state division of powers.

There should be rational dialogues to inform people on how Islam is used for public law and policy that effects the multi ethnic and multi religious Malaysia and within the confines of the Federal Constitution, the supreme law of the nation.

We work in a consultative committee of experts to advise the government and facilitate amendments to the state Syariah laws, to align to the Federal Constitution and the spirit of Rukun Negara.

It is imperative to achieve a politically stable, economically progressive Malaysia and to be able to enjoy the harmony, tolerance, understanding and cooperation in this multi diverse country.

G25: Tawfik's comments are his own views

PETALING JAYA: The comments made by G25 member Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin did not get the support of the group in a bid to oust the Prime Minister are his own views, the group of eminent Malays said. It said Tawfik's views "are his own as an individual and do not represent those of the G25." "As citizens of Malaysia, members of G25 are naturally concerned with recent events that have taken place in this country as reflected by our recent statement pertaining to the integrity of Bank Negara and the Office of the Attorney General," it said. G25 was responding to Tawfik's comments that Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin met with members of G25 to seek their support in changing the country’s leadership. However, Tawfik said, the group refused to get involved as they wished to remain non-partisan and were not convinced that Najib’s replacement would fare any better. Here is G25's statement: We refer to the article 'Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin sought G25 support to replace Najib' published in The Star today. We members of the G25 wish to state that the views expressed by our colleague Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail in this interview are of his own as an individual and do not represent those of the G25 which comprise a group of individuals, rich with experience in various fields with diverse views but a common goal and common vision of a pluralistic Malaysia that upholds the place of Islam within Malaysia’s constitutional democracy. In the course of promoting and advocating these ideals and principles, G25 have met a diverse range of individuals and organisations from both sides of the political divide, Islamic organisations and civil societies but have and will remain nonpartisan in our dealings. G25 believe that while our central focus is to achieve moderation in Islam, this objective can best be realised when the country moves forward with wide ranging reforms not only on religious administration but also in the overall system of governance. We therefore advocate for change and reforms that will strengthen the institutions of law and order and standards of governance that uphold the basic principles of integrity, transparency and accountability. As citizens of Malaysia, members of G25 are naturally concerned with recent events that have taken place in this country as reflected by our recent statement pertaining to the integrity of Bank Negara and the Office of the Attorney General. However we wish to stress that we are a non-political entity and work by focusing on improving the system of governance and the institutions of government. It is our belief that while the political power may change from time to time, the judiciary, the law enforcement and regulatory agencies and the civil service must remain independent to create confidence on the professionalism and continuity of the administrative system. We have made this point very clearly to the influential leaders that we met, including the Rulers, Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. We therefore wish to reiterate that we wish to remain above the political divide so that we can offer constructive advice on the reforms needed to make Malaysia better respected at home and internationally for its good governance and style of decision making.

The Star

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