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G25 is a group of influential Malays, and as a civil society organisation, we are able to play a constructive role as the voice of moderation on religion. G25 comprises a group of individuals, rich with experience in various fields with diverse views but a common goal and common vision. 

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G25: Young must embrace diversity

KUALA LUMPUR: The young represent the core of the #AnakAnakMalaysia campaign as they are the future of the country, according to the coordinator of the Group of 25 (G25). Datuk Noor Farida Mohd Ariffin said the principle of unity in diversity must be inculcated in schoolchildren. Evoking memories of the pre-Merdeka period, the former ambassador recalled the excitement then of hope in the country’s future. “I come from a generation where we are very much part of Anak Malaysia; one where race and religion did not matter, when Malaysians of all colour and creed mixed with each other without barriers,” she said in an interview. (On Dec 8, 2014, The Star published G25’s open letter calling for a

Autonomy offers faster delivery

I SUPPORT the call for decentralisation of federal powers to the state, as made by Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim (“Decentralise for better checks and balances” — NST, Aug 25). This move will reflect the true meaning of Malaysia’s democracy, and ensure that the interpretation of the constitution, which outlines the sharing of power between the federal and state governments, is understood. As Sheriff explains, the decentralisation of administrative and financial powers will ensure a more efficient and quick delivery of public services, and reduce the politics of patronage, where ministers and their departments, far removed from the programmes and activities needed on the ground, exercise co

Devolution of powers

I AM delighted that the prime minister is interested in seeing the devolution of powers to Sabah and Sarawak expedited, which hopefully, will mean more autonomy to the two states to govern their own affairs. Not surprisingly, this decentralisation of federal powers to the states is being widely welcomed in East Malaysia as it recognises their desire to be self-governing, in line with their original intention when they joined Malaysia as members of a federation of states. I believe other states will also welcome more autonomy, as it will make their responsibility of governing easier. Unlike a unitary state, Malaysia is made up of several states with their own constitutions, administrations

Let the learning continue unhindered

IT is our sincere hope that the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 (MEB) will continue as planned under the helm of new Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid, who has been given the important responsibility of uplifting the country’s education system as it moves into the next level of the MEB plans. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome him, and wish him all the best in leading the task. Next year will see the MEB leaping into Wave 2, the second phase of its implementation timeline, to make Malaysia’s education system on par with the rest of the world. The recently published MEB 2014 Annual Report (AR’14) gave an overview of the programmes deployed in 2014. However

G25 Lauds BNM Integrity, Warns Of Interference

Any action to cast aspersions against the integrity of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), its governor and senior officials will have adverse consequences, Group of 25 (G25), a group of former Malay civil servants warned. G25 said while there were doubts on the independence of the judiciary and capacity of other institutions in the country, BNM’s strength and capability has been the single most important factor contributing to investor confidence and favourable economic prospects for the country. The group singled out Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz’s tenure at BNM as a role model with regards to upholding good governance in the financial sector, as well as building the human capital and technical expe

Bank Negara a role model under Zeti

PETALING JAYA: Key institutions in the country must be allowed to function independently for the Government to be clean and transparent, said G25, a group of individuals dedicated to the cause of a moderate Malaysia. G25 said in a statement on Wednesday that as the country was faced with challenges in economic and financial stability, it was of the utmost importance that key public institutions be able to undertake its functions independent of interference from the government. It said several institutions, such as Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), were in the limelight now with its senior officials being penalised for doing their job. "Any actions no

Amid economic uncertainty, G25 warns against undermining BNM’s Zeti

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) must remain free of political influence and be allowed to execute its duties professionally, a group of Malay ex-civil servants said amid rumours of pressure on the central bank’s governor. Citing economic uncertainty fuelled by the declining ringgit as well as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal, the so-called G25 urged the federal government not to cast aspersions on BNM officials as well as those among the country’s vital institutions. The group pointed out that confidence in BNM's ability to carry out its duties has been the most important factor contributing to investor confidence and economic development for Malaysia, as spe

Some Malaysians may use their Trump card

ALTHOUGH I am not a United States citizen, I do want to say that I hope Donald Trump will not succeed in his bid to become the Republican nominee for 2016 presidential election. He is leading in opinion polls, which is worrying. It would be worse still if he does become the next president of the US. As we all know from TV news, Trump has been making outrageous statements about women and race, and this has upset Americans. Mexicans are angry because he called the illegal immigrants from there drug smugglers and rapists. Women are disgusted that he made fun of one female reporter whom he disliked because of her tough questions, saying that women who are having their period tend to have blood

Sustaining Strong Institutions for a Clean Government

The success of the transformation and development of the Malaysian economy and its financial system has been primarily due to an empowering legal framework and sound institutions that operate on structured processes and with strong accountabilities, underpinned by a good governance framework. Malaysia is indebted to visionary leaders whose dedicated focus and emphasis on building strong institutions have provided the foundation to support the development of the Malaysian economy. These institutions continue to be led by strong leaders with a vision, a culture of integrity and competence which is imbued with values and virtues of hard work and prudence. This institutional framework has been t

A balanced approach to moderation

TODAY “moderation” has become a much-touted word as the antithesis to “extremism”, in particular Islamic extremism, which manifests itself in acts of violence or terrorism. The United States, where one of the most dastardly acts of terrorism — 9/11 — took place, is leading the way in the global war against Islamic terrorism. Malaysia, which is respected as a moderate and progressive Muslim nation, is a staunch supporter of the global call for moderation and the prime minister speaks out loudly against terrorism through the Global Movement of Moderates (GMM), which was established to position Malaysia’s strategic role in the fight against terrorism, alongside the super powers. The chief execu

Transparency in Political Funding

We in G25 would like to support the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib ‘s call for all political parties to declare their sources of funding, saying that he is ready to do so for his party if the opposition parties agree to also declare where their funding comes from. Since his challenge, many politicians have responded with their support for the proposal. We believe the proposal is a positive one, as it can help to clean up our politics, which has gone from bad to worse over the last thirty years. We recognise that political donations are common in all countries, and Malaysia is no exception. Although there is nothing wrong about political donations, there is also a need to address public conce

Rule of law, civil service are pillars of strength

I WAS taken aback to read from the letters written to NST on Monday that Sugiman Sabri from Kulim had died on July 31. It is sad that he departed so suddenly, and it must have been a shock to his family, as he was only 44. Although I don’t know the man, I have grown to admire his letters to this column and his way of looking at this country, as opposed to those who take a racial approach in describing our problems. As a mark of respect to my soulmate, let me lend my support to the last two letters that he wrote to NST, one on the meaning of being Malaysian and the other, on his remarks about the pressure from politicians calling for the government to step in to control social media. Their re


The G25 supports the recent statement made by the Perlis Mufti, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, that a person who holds a position of authority may not accept a gift or donation if it is of extraordinary value and it would not have been given if the recipient was not in that position, as it could influence his actions in a manner detrimental to the greater good or prevent him from fulfilling a trust placed on him. Indeed, we welcome and look forward to more of such reasoned and timely statements from the Islamic leaders and scholars of this country to provide guidance to the Muslim community. Corruption is corrosive to society because it enables some to secure an unfair advantage over others, th

Speaking the global language

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of English cannot be understated as it opens up opportunities regardless of one’s colour, ethnicity or background. AS the world is becoming truly borderless, it is now absolutely important for us to master the English language. It is, after all, the most widely spoken language worldwide. The fact that English is a global language is something even the die-hard nationalists in the country cannot argue with, said the G25, a group of prominent Malaysians, in an open letter. “So, if we aspire to be more proficient in the language, we are only trying to be better citizens of the world,” they said. Many local private colleges and universities

Whither reconciliation for Rohingyas?

FOR many who are not familiar with Rakhine state, it borders Bangladesh. It was then the Kingdom of Arakan but the Burmese annexed it in the late 18th century. Burmese language originates from the Sino-Tibetan while the Rohingyas speak a dialect of Bengali-Assamese. Can anyone see or sense that the Rohingyas (by whatever name or description they were called) had lived on the land/Kingdom of Arakan since the 16th century? And the Burmese were the new settlers? I will not go deeper into this but I wonder if the Myanmar government can now see that the Rohingyas were, and are, part of the Rakhine! What the Myanmar government had done was to take away the “white cards” which could prove the holde

Rohingya: Does the name kill?

I FIRST heard the word “Rohingya” at the Sedona Hotel in Yangon during my first visit to Burma way back in November 1997. I had left the judiciary a year before. On an invitation by a university, I was placed as a member of the First Asean Business Mission to Myanmar. The English name was Burma but the SLORC, or The State Law and Order Restoration Council, changed it to Myanmar in 1989. The mission was organised by the Asean Business Forum. The mission leader was Datuk (now Tan Sri) Ajit Singh, the then secretary-general of Asean. My name was listed as a mission member at 07 in the programme. While I was standing in the lobby of the hotel, a dark-skinned man approached me. He immediately tol
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